Horntail with furry antennae?
The lighting wasn’t great, but this has black wings and was flying in our house. We’re thinking “horntail,” but can you tell us what kind? We thought it was love bugs (we’re in west central Florida) mating, but it’s just one “love bug colored” flying bug with really big eyes and funny, furry antennae. Thanks so much!
Doug & Alli
New Port Richey, FL

Hi there Doug and Alli,
We thought this was a Fire Colored Beetle, but Eric Eaton corrected us. “The fire-colored beetle is actually an adult male glowworm, probably in the genus Phengodes, family Phengodidae. They do not glow, but the females, which retain a larval appearance even in adulthood, DO glow, with bands that make them resemble caterpillars cloaked in halos of light.”

Location: Florida

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