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Giant beetle in Anti Atlas mountains Morocco
When looking for information about a giant beetle we saw in the Anti Atlas mountains in Morocco i came across your website. You have any information about this giant bug? Regards,
Joost de Wall

Hi Joost,
This looks to us like some type of Orthopteran, the crickets and katydids. We will see if Eric Eaton can assist us. Here is Eric’s speedy response: “The mystery Moroccan orthopteran is an Armored Ground Cricket, which is actually a flightless katydid in the subfamily Hetrodinae. Apparently they are not uncommon in desert habitats.”

Update: (07/03/2008) Katydid IDs from Piotr Naskrecki
I have been looking at the page with unidentified katydids (Katydids 2), and thought I could help with some ID’s. From top to bottom they are: Moroccan katydid – Eugaster (possibly nigripes)

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Africa

One Response to Mystery Moroccan Orthopteran is Armored Ground Cricket

  1. Robert says:


    I photographed one of these critters in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco back in 2004. It was during a Locust storm/swarm and the Armoured Ground Cricket had emerged to devour one of their millions. I spent ages trying to identify this insect, but was thrown off the scent by all online references to Armoured Ground Crikets as being restricted to Southern Africa. Thank you all for helping to explain the phenomenom … and to Joost de Wall for instigating it. Anyway here are the photographs from 2004:




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