Lunate Zale
Love your site – what great information and pictures! Thanks for having all that out there. I was watering newly-planted azaleas last October and thought a piece of bark had flipped out from the mulch around the plants. When I took a second look, this is what I found! He/she sat still long enough for me to get and set up the tripod and camera, and very nicely let me take a dozen or so pictures. I checked your site and thought at first it might be a Black Witch, but the markings just didn’t quite match up. So today I used one of the links on your site to get to Butterflies and Moths of North America, and I think I’ve got it – a lunate zale! Thanks again for a great site!
Kathleen Haines
Newport News, VA
(southeastern VA)

My Kathleen,
What a well camoflauged Lunate Zale, Zale lunata, you have there. This is a new species for our site and we located some additional information about it on BugGuide.

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