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Hi, my name is Brigette and I love your site. I’ve been interested in insects since I was a little kid, and am currently an undergrad studying entomology at McGill University. I love to photograph insects and thought you might enjoy some additions to your ‘bug love’ section. These were taken in my backyard in upstate NY.

Crane Flies Flower Flies

I have included some japanese beetles, craneflies, horseflies, and ambush bugs (my favorites!). I even have some eggs as a result of the ambush bug matings, I kept several during the fall months. When introduced the males waste no time at all getting busy!

Japanese Beetles Ambush Bugs

Hi Brigette,
Wow!!! Thanks for sending us all your wonderful Bug Love images. They are most excellent.

Query: (01/07/2007)
Wondering if those really ARE mating Horseflies….
Lisa and Daniel: HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thanks for your site, it’s great. The “mating bugs” quartet has two happy Dipterans that are identified as “Horseflies,” but I wonder if they really are. For some reason they strike me more as Hoverflies or something else. The sender, being a budding entomologist, has great credibility, but somehow my mental antennae are quivering…so I’ll watch the site and see if there’s re-thinking on this one. regards from non-wintery Wisconsin,
Dave Fallow
Madison, WI

Hi Dave,
We tried finding a species match under Horse Fly on BugGuide to no avail. We believe the eyes indicate Horse Flies. We will check with Eric Eaton. Eric made the following correction: “The mating horse flies are actually Flower Flies in the family Syrphidae, probably in the Erastilini tribe.”

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