From the yearly archives: "2006"

can you tell me what this is?
I was wondering what will emerge from this cocoon. It is located on a palm tree in my front yard?
Laurie Rose
Olde Naples Chocolate
Naples FL

Hi Laurie,
We would love to receive a complimentary gift of chocolate for identifying your Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis.

Black Widow?
Just wondering if you could confirm for me if this spider is in fact a black widow? It was found in Victoria BC, under a rock. As you can tell from the second photo, it was found with a messy web made of a really strong web material. It didn’t have an hourglass on the abdomen, and only had one orange mark, not two as the northern black widow is reported to have.

Hi Vanessa and Colin,
There is often a degree of individual variation when it comes to coloration and markings. This is a Widow, and Eric Eaton informs us it is a Western Widow. Thanks for sending in such marvelous photos.

i found these eggs inside a trashcan full of aluminum.. so i know its not fish or frog eggs, there was water in the can, leopard slugs and centepedes under the can but i have no clue what they could be. its been about 40 degrees F lately (eastcoast, chessepeake bay), iam assuming its some sort of insect, i was thinking a dragonfly but i cant find anything, and there arent any around here this time of the year. maybe you can help

Hi Charles,
These are most definitely not insect eggs. We suspect perhaps Salamander Eggs.

golden orb weaver-photo
My son found this beauty in his sweet corn patch and took several shots. I’ve used your fine site before to find information. I was able to find a “golden orb weaver” phot that matches up pretty good. I thought I’d send ours along too. I think it is a little more detailed than what I’ve seen on your site. Thats for being there. Great site.
Jeff Park
Otisco, NY

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the compliment. Now we must return a compliment. Your son’s photo is gorgeous. Thank you for sending it in to us.

Ant colony surviving Hurricane Wilma
Just thought you might be interested in seeing how a colony of ants survived Hurricane Wilma in Sebring, Florida. I think they are fire ants, but not positive.
Mike D.
Sebring, Florida

Hi Mike,
Ants sure have a strong survival instinct. During the 1983 El Ni

Just wanted to say, thanks for the id (and I bought a bamboo t-shirt)
I just learned from that I have Boxelder bugs in my house. I learned that these bugs won’t hurt my house. That takes a load off my mind. Thanks much. And I bought a blue bamboo tshirt just because it sounded interesting. I hope it helps your website.
Ben in DC

Hi Ben,
Glad we could be helpful. Also, it is nice to know that your purchase will generate some revenue for our generous web host.