Boxelder Bug

Attack of the beetles! Bugman – Could you please help identify these critters? They come out in the warmth of the sun – the nice the day, the more of them there are. And they are seemingly multiplying!!!! We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks, John Hi John, This is not a beetle but a … Read more

Katydid Nymph

immature insect I was curious about this colorful insect I recently found, I assume it is an immature form, but of what I do not know. The hind legs remind me of a grasshopper. Anthony Hi Anthony, This is an immature Katydid. Katydids are related to grasshoppers, being in the same order, but different families.

Amphibian Eggs

Alarmed by what we found in back yard Hello Bugman, We are hoping that you can help us. Recently we realized that there are standing water and ground water problems with the property of our newly built home. We are working to protect ourlseves and now we recently found this and would like your help … Read more

South African Bee Fly

What the bug? Hi there, We have a few bugs we would like to know about. We found this fly in Gouritsmond on a farm, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Daan We suspect this pretty white fly is a Bee Fly in the Family Bombyliidae, but your photo does not show the proboscis which would … Read more