Golden Silk Spider in Indonesia

Mystery spider Hi there Bugman. I spotted this 7″ – 8″ spider while I was travelling through Malaysia a couple of years ago. I believe it to be some kind of golden weaver because of the very visible colour of the silk in the photo, which I was told by an Australian guy who knows … Read more

Cotton Stainers

Florida firebugs? Hello, I stumbled across your site while trying to find out what these little critters are called. I vaguely remember being told as a child that they are firebugs. The ones that look alike were all over the place being naughty. The smaller ones with less distinctive designs were just stumbling around. These … Read more

Save the Bug!!!!

Bug killers As I was going through this site, which by the way is very informative.I couldn’t help but get disturbed. Why is it that people just kill things not knowing anything about it. I spent 2 hours the other night trying to save a great black wasp.Finally it was free. I came in here … Read more

Oleander Caterpillar

Bright Orange Crawly So can you identify this guy from Hudson, Florida. There are a few around my house. P.W. Fenton Hudson, Florida Hi P.W., The Oleander Caterpillar is the larval form of the Polka-Dot Wasp Moth, Syntomeida epilais.