From the yearly archives: "2006"

Thanks so much for identifying my beetles. How about 1 more. See attached.
Vicki in CA

Hi Vicki,
We wish you provided a few more details. We wonder how large this beauty is. This is some species of Buprestid, the Metallic Wood Boring Beetles. We are also wondering if it was also found in Burbank. We hope Eric Eaton can provide us with information. Eric quickly wrote back: “It is something in the genus Buprestis or Cypriacis (which was once lumped in Buprestis). My friend Rick Westcott, retired from the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, could tell you more. Individual specimens can be extremely variable in color, so that complicates matters. Eric”

More info on the Buprestid Beetle. He/She was about 1″ long, and was found, as in picture, dead, on kitchen floor in Acton, CA which is rural area north of Burbank. Thanks for your help.
Vicki Holmes

Update: (12/29/2006)
Buprestid answer
The buprestid from Acton, California is Buprestis viridisuturalis Nicolay & Weiss. It is found in dead Fremont Cottonwoods. Thanks,
Ken Weiner
Natural Resource Specialist/ Park Ranger
Englebright & Martis Creek Lakes

Giant Moth
I took a photo of the attached moth. What kind is it? I’ve never seen anything so BIG!
Yvonne Maiorca
Pomona, California

Hi Yvonne,
Pachysphinx occidentalis surely is a big beautiful Sphinx Moth. Come see our lecture at the LA County Fair on 24 September at 4 PM in the Fine Arts building in conjunction with the Fair Exchange Art Exhibit.

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
I don’t have a question about this (now that I found it on your site), but I thought you’d enjoy the picture (you said clear ones are hard to come by). This little guy stuck around for about 10 minutes, plenty of time for me to snap a few pics. I’ve never seen a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth before and probably wouldn’t have been able to identify it without your site. Keep up the good work!
Brent H.
Boston NY

Hi Brent,
Your photo of a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth is an especially fine one.

Well, once again you guys have ID’d the bug for me. I moved into a daylight basement earlier this summer and after doing my usual announcement to all bugs living in my apartment (“Hey, I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone – if I find you on my person, you’re dead, but otherwise go about your business – unless you’re a black widow or a mosquito, then, ya gotta die.”) I’ve met plenty of new “friends” that I have id’d on your website and deposited outside (house centipede, wolf spider, etc.). My most recent find is the Solpugid on the attached photo. I actually first met him late Friday night/early Saturday morning on the floor of my bathroom (may I recommend against Limoncello/Tequila shots?). I was contemplating finally getting off the floor and into my bed, so I cracked an eye and shifted my weight and away ran one of the funkiest looking spider things I’d ever seen. I decided I no longer wished to share space with something so icky, so I went to bed. Monday evening, I was re-arranging pillows on my couch, and lo there was my spider friend. He held obligingly still for me, so I took his photo and looked on your website. I know you guys say he’s harmless to humans – but with pedipalps and chelicerae like that? Heebie Jeebie city. I popped him outside where he promptly ran into a hidey hole. I hope he stays there and eats lots of pest bugs. As usual I shared my new bug story with my friends. Here is my friend Josh’s reply after he checked out the Solpugid on the first page of your website: Ok, Mary? Uh, I don’t want you to think I don’t love you or anything. Because I totally do. It’s just that, well, I looked at the picture of your spider and…hoooo this is tough. Ok, I just don’t really think I can go inside of your house ever again. There, I said it…. Heh, weenie.
Reno, NV

Hi Mary,
If that weenie Josh can’t deal with a harmless Solpugid, just kick him to the curb and find some new friends that are your match in wit and courage. Also you should tell him that he might want to relocate away from Reno as chances are pretty good there are a dozen or so within 100 feet of him at this very moment.

We saved this very pretty, very large, moth from being dinner for my chickens. Could you help me indentify it? Thanks,
Kristin Maynard
Winston Salem,NC

Hi Kristin,
We have been posting images of Luna Moths on our homepage since May, and it always makes us a bit sad to remove a beautiful image to make room for new letters, but just like a missed bus, another comes along soon enough. We are happy to have your interesting angle on our homepage for a few days before it takes a more permanent place on our Luna Moth page.