Wheel Bug

unknown bug This is apparently not a mantid, but I cannot find an image of anything like him. I saw him eating a spider during a recent sunny, very warm day in Ohio. Do you have any ideas? PS: What a most interesting site! Neil Webner Columbus, OH Hi Neil, This is an adult Wheel … Read more


silverfish photo After thoroughly searching your website, it seems I have silverfish in my apartment (although this is the first one I have seen). Just thought you might need another photo to post, as most of the pictures of silverfish seem to be from the top angle. I live in Richland, Wa (south-eastern part of … Read more

Horse Fly

I think its a type of horse fly. I believe its a type of horse fly it was on my SUV, it was about a inch and a 1/2 long. I’ve never seen a fly this big! You have all the permissions to use the pictures I’ve taken. I sent you a HUGE macro shot, … Read more

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

What kind of bug is this I’m from Ontario, Canada. My son was walking along the grass when he found this caterpillar. We have no idea what kind it is. Wondering if anyone can put a name on it for us. Thank you Erin & Graham Hi Eric and Graham, This is a Cecropia Moth … Read more

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Imperial Moth Caterpillar in Ontario Hi bugman, Here is another picture of an imperial moth caterpillar taken last week in the Killarney provincial park. It seemed to be in need of cooling as it went halfway into the nearest lake before it came back to have this picture taken. It’s length was ~2.5″. Thanks for … Read more