Australian Paper Wasp

Need Id please Hi Mr. Bugman, Are these a type of Hornet or wasp please? Out to lunch today (always with camera!) and these beautiful beasts were very busy and didn’t bother us. Same weather conditions as yesterday in Halls Head W.A. I have searched your site but can’t seem to identify them. Please advise … Read more

Mating Pennsylvania Leatherwings

Color Coordinated Bug Love? Is this bug love? Teresa Hi Teresa, These are mating Pennsylvania Leatherwings, Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus, a species of Soldier Beetle. Since it is commonly associated with goldenrod, it is also known as the Goldenrod Soldier Beetle.

Tachnid Fly

HUGE fly (not a cicada or bumble bee!) Hi Bug Man, I1ve lived all my life in the SF Bay Area but have never seen a fly this large (about 1 inch). I1d love to know what it is – any clues? Thank you! Suzanne Hi Suzanne, What a funny photo. This is a Tachnid … Read more