Whats that bug?
Hi Bugman,
I found this beetle sitting on a box beside me as I was watching TV. I think it probably came from my Christmas tree. It freaked me out at first but I refrained from squishing him because the orange markings were so interesting. 😉 I did decide to take him with me to the computer as I was trying to find out what type of beetle it was. After searching the internet for a while I could not identify the beetle, so I decided to make a bug home for him so I could show my kids. In the process of making the home he just took off and who knows if he will return or if I will every see him again? Thanks for any help!

Hi Dan,
This is not a beetle, but a Stink Bug in the genus Perillus, most likely the Two Spotted Stink Bug, Perillus bioculatus. Many Stink Bugs, as well as other Hemipterans or True Bugs, seek shelter indoors as the weather cools.

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