Hi. Saw this wasp whilst on a field trip to Tenerife with the University. Need to identify it for a write up. Any ideas? Thanks
Dylan Davenport

Hi Dylan,
We are relatively certain this is a Paper Wasp. Eric Eaton has this to add: “The wasp is indeed a vespid of some kind, but definitely not Polistes (the specimen in the image has a stalked (“petiolate”) abdomen, whereas Polistes does not. This being a foreign insect, I can’t identify it any further than family, sorry. Eric”

Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

3 Responses to Potter Wasp from Canary Islands: Delta dimiatipenne

  1. Mark O'Neill says:

    Years late – but this is a potter wasp, Delta dimiatipenne to be precise …

  2. John mulvany says:

    Mark,it’s Delta Dimidiatipenne

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