BIG spider
this was in the restroom after I came out of the shower in a home outside brisbane australia-was VERY large.Did not see a web and it just returned to its home in between the shower door and counter-lucky for me im not scared of spiders cause he was HUUUUUUUGE as far as just hangin out spiders go in my opinion-lol.was about the size of a tarantula

Hi Tina,
This is a Huntsman Spider. We google searched Huntsman Spider Australia and found a site that causes us to think this is probably a Banded Huntsman Spider in the genus Holconia. Despite the large size and terrifying appearance, Huntsman Spiders are shy harmless hunters. You are correct. They do not build webs.

Update:  January 9, 2014
We just received a slew of comments from Leon regarding our Huntsman Spiders, and that included a correction on this posting.  Leon identified this as a Bark Huntsman, but did not provide a link nor a scientific name.  We are concluding that Leon meant
Pediana regina which is pictured on the Brisbane Insect website.

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Location: Brisbane, Australia

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  1. Leon says:

    Correction this is actually a bark huntsman a very common sp in Australia it is in the same family as banded huntsman and grey huntsman

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