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BIG spider
this was in the restroom after I came out of the shower in a home outside brisbane australia-was VERY large.Did not see a web and it just returned to its home in between the shower door and counter-lucky for me im not scared of spiders cause he was HUUUUUUUGE as far as just hangin out spiders go in my opinion-lol.was about the size of a tarantula

Hi Tina,
This is a Huntsman Spider. We google searched Huntsman Spider Australia and found a site that causes us to think this is probably a Banded Huntsman Spider in the genus Holconia. Despite the large size and terrifying appearance, Huntsman Spiders are shy harmless hunters. You are correct. They do not build webs.

Update:  January 9, 2014
We just received a slew of comments from Leon regarding our Huntsman Spiders, and that included a correction on this posting.  Leon identified this as a Bark Huntsman, but did not provide a link nor a scientific name.  We are concluding that Leon meant
Pediana regina which is pictured on the Brisbane Insect website.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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3 Responses to Huntsman Spider from Australia

  1. Leon says:

    Correction this is actually a bark huntsman a very common sp in Australia it is in the same family as banded huntsman and grey huntsman

  2. […] are also many beneficial species that either accidentally or purposely find themselves inside.  Huntsman Spiders are common in Australia, and they are generally considered benign creatures that do no harm to […]

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