Bathroom Fly
Hi bugman,
Couldn’t find this little bugger at first – I should have just searched for “bathroom” because I found this little one in a public restroom at Boston Logan airport! The iridescence on the wings was really quite impressive, and it looked rather like a crude ‘silver’ under the natural lighting. Thank you for running your site – it has already helped me identify 4 odd bugs!
P.S. the “American Homebody” website being linked to in the footer of all pages appears to be gone and squatted with ads?

Hi Richard,
Bathroom Flies are found in public restrooms as well as domestic bathrooms. They breed in the sludge that accumulates in drains. We will notify Lisa Anne that the domain license to American Homebody, our parent site, has expired, but she is probably devoting more time to Steal This Sweater and the other sites she maintains as well as continuing her busy personal life. Sadly the usurper of our former home is capitalizing on all of our web traffic.

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