Mexican Hemiptera
I’m an Entomology undergrad at Sacramento State University, and have long been a fan of your site and the amazing images and advice you hot here… Bravo! Anyway, I need to get this specimen’s ID narrowed down to at least family before my classes big collection inspection next Friday. It was collected last week, on a vacation to Mazatlan Mexico, dead under an exterior lamp, on a second story balcony, no more than 100 meters from the beach. I believe it may be in the Berytidae due to the following characteristics: Ocelli present, three tarsal segments, 4 segmented beak (as far as I can tell). The antenna are shorter than I expect on a stilt bug, but any number of segments could have been broken off before it’s demise. Anyway, if you could please take a look, and even send it along to anyone you might know who can give me a definitive ID to at least family, or even Genus or species if possible, it would be much appreciated. Gratefully,
Jared Morris

Hi Jared,
Judging from your analysis, you would be far more qualified with the identification than the couple of artists that run this site. We will post your image and see if Eric Eaton can supply any information, but he is rumored to be heading east on holiday. Here is Eric’s much awaited answer: “The heteropteran (Hemipteran) in question is a very atypical broad-headed bug, perhaps in the genus Stenocoris, in the family Alydidae for certain.”

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