From the monthly archives: "November 2006"

I took these pictures a while ago while my boyfriend and I were exploring a nearby forest preserve in Garland, TX. It was the first saturniid I’d ever seen, and my encounter with it had me hooked on bugwatching ever since.

Hi Samantha,
Thank you so much for sending in your photos of a Polyphemus Moth.

unknown beetle
Sorry to hear your so swamped. But that means you’re very popular. Love the site, visit it regularly and have posted pic’s in the past. I have been through all the beetle pages and have not found one with the color pattern of the one included. If I did miss it sorry, at least it can be a picture for the bug love pages if nothing else. Picture taken Nov. 2, 2006 in Central Florida (Sebring). Thanks for providing a great web site.
Mike D’Aguilar

Hi Mike,
The reason you could not locate these mating Cotton Stainers on the beetle pages is that they are Hemipterans, or True Bugs. Cotton Stainers, Dysdercus suturellus, are relatively common in the southern states and were once considered a significant agricultural pest on cotton before growing practices changed which controlled the numbers. The Cotton Stainer is also known as a Red Bug.