Alutacea Bird Grasshopper
Love your site!!!!
I just wanted to share a photo I took of an Alutacea Bird Grasshopper in Houston TX this week. He posed of several shots for nearly 30 minutes – lots of personality. Thanks for the bug site.
Barbara Franken

Hi Barbara,
Grasshoppers in the genus Schistocerca are known as Bird Grasshoppers, according to the Audubon Guide, because they can fly rapidly over great distances. This is also the genus that contains the locust mentioned in biblical accounts. While we agree that your grasshopper is a Bird Grasshopper, we do not believe it is the Alutacea Bird Grasshopper, but rather the Obscure Bird Grasshopper, Schistocerca obscura. We are basing this on images posted to BugGuide.

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