Red-Back Spider ID
While visiting my daughter last week in Cotati, CA, we went to a beach just North of Bodega Bay (which is about 50+ miles north of San Francisco). While walking near the edge of the grassy area and the sand, my daughter spotted this spider. We’ve looked on-line and looked again and again and can’t find any information about it. Can you tell us what type of spider it is. It was among some larger rocks and really stood out because if its red back. I’m sorry the quality of the photos are not good. All I took with me that day with a small 3 pixel camera. I left the good 6 pixel at home (and I’ll not do that again). Thanks!!
Lois Sauer
Rainbow City, AL

Hi Lois,
This is one of the Araneus Orb Weaver spiders. We have problems differentuating the various species. They are harmless spiders.

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  1. Anna Cook says:

    I found an Araneus Orb Weaver Spider in amongst my rose bushes. Looked just like a rose hip. Wouldn’t have known the difference if it hadn’t moved.

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