Help !!
Dear Bugman,
Here are a few pics of the bugs I would like to have identified, We live in NJ and have no basement. The bugs started to appear about a day or two after we opened a carton with a new bed frame in it. ( Maybe just coincidence )So far there have been about 10 of the critters, none for a few days now. I would like to know if possible what it is and where it came from. My closest guess it is some sort of cricket although it did not make any sounds as crickets usually do. Thanks for you anticipated help.
Arnie G

Hi Arnie,
This is a Camel Cricket or Cave Cricket. They are frequently found in basements as they like damp dark places. As your home has no basement, and since you did just have a carton delivered, it is possible that the crickets entered the carton at the storage facility. They are benign creatures that often startle homemakers when they are found in numbers in basements, bathrooms, garages, sheds and other favorable habitats.

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