Caterpillars on Cassia
I found these two on my cassia last week. I think the one with stripes running the length is a sulphur of some kind. Any idea about the other one?
Donna Williams
DeLand, Florida

Hi Donna,
We are pretty certain both of your caterpillars are the same species, the Cloudless Sulphur, Phoebis sennae, a beautiful, swift flying, shrome yellow butterfly. BugGuide pictures two color forms of the caterpillar, green with longitudinal stripes, and yellow with traverse stripes. The yellow form is reportedly more common when the caterpillar feeds on flowers, but both of your specimens seems to be feeding on the flowers.

Sulphurs (11/16/2006)
Hey Guys, The pic on the right could also be Orange barred sulphur (Phoebis philea). I’ve seen then both feeding on species of Cassia and Senna in Southern Florida. Sometimes they feed on the same plant. We have them both here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, as well. I took a few of each and raised them, and when they’re in the Yellow/flower eating from they look alot alike. Just wanted to share. Eric Duran
Nature Discovery Center
Bellaire, TX

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