Jumping Spider ( I Think) !!
Hiya Bugman!!
I first must tell you how much I appreciate your site. I’ve always been one of those people who feared bugs – and between your site & a friend whose father was an entomologist, I’m slowly starting to appreciate the little creatures rather than fearing them – whcih is a VERY good thing, considering that we recently moved to a house surrounded by close to 40 acres of woodland in Memphis, Tenn, USA. Obviously, I’ve been seeing a LOT of odd bugs – inside and outside the house. You have a few pictures of this particular spider on your site, but I didn’t see any as clear as this one – which I tentatively identified as a Jumping Spider – and most likely, one of the ground dwelling ones. He/She seemed to enjoy having it’s picture taken, as it held still long enough for me to snap several pictures. I caught it in a jelly jar, and once I took all the pictures, I released it back to the outdoors. Enjoy, and I hope you can use this picture!!
W. Tenn.

Hi Kiya
This is a Jumping Spider, but we are not sure what species.

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