eek, a bug!
Hello bugman,
My name is Jessica. Attached, you will find an image of a bug that i’ve unfortunately encountered many a time since moving into my apartment. The maintenance folks here at the complex have told me it’s a centipede, but i don’t buy that. I’ve googled every possile description of the thing that i could concoct, to no avail. However, with much luck I did stumble upon your site. In the photo, the little guy is missing some legs. I tried for a live shot, but these things are quick! I live in Irvine, California and have been told that my monstrous friends come from underground. Also, rumor has it they have a “nasty bite.” So, dear bugman, I am desperately curious. Can you tell me who this mystery bug is? Sincerely,

Hi Jessica,
If you had just believed the maintenance folk and typed “Centipede” into your search engine, you might have gotten your answer. When we tried that tactic, the first site that came up was devoted to the House Centipede, your creature. Perhaps your perspective on the House Centipede was different than ours, hence your lack of googling success. Perhaps your description was something akin to “flying purple people eater” or maybe “sea monster from the depths” and that led you astray. We tried “insect many legs fast” (even though the House Centipede is not an insect) and were led to several sites with the correct answer, including our own Centipede page. All we can advise in the future is for you to choose your descriptive words carefully and accurately. Mastering search engines is a wonderful talent, and we can’t imagine how today’s students could complete research papers without the talent now that classics like Encyclopedia Britannica are no longer readily available in homes. House Centipedes are harmless predators, and the poor arthropod did not warrant your wrath. There was no need for such Unnecessary Carnage.

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