please help
I have been trying to find out what kind of bug this is and can’t find a picture that matches up exactly! Please let me know what you think!
Thanks, Angel

Hi Angel,
This is a larval Lacewing. They are beneficial insects that prey on Aphids in both their larval and adult winged forms.

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  1. robert christopherson says:

    We just found the lacewing larvae that bit my wife. Reading threw many articles that claim they are a nuisance, yet my wife and I have been bitten many times. My wife’s first bite on her ankle, 2, bites. Blistered and swollen. Had to see the doctor. Second time, 2 small blisters immediately on her wrist, swollen up to her elbow in 12 hours. . No big blisters that time.
    To me they feel like a small sting but no reaction like my wife.
    I’ve read many articles that claim they are just a nuisance yet many have had severe reactions.
    Thanks for the reading.
    Best, Robert

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