Dear Lisa Anne and Daniel,
Thank You so much for helping us solve an insect mystery that has perplexed us the last couple of weeks here at home. When it’s nice outside we open our upstairs bathroom window where our cat likes to hang out. We never noticed that there was about three inches of loose screen until I walked in there one day and saw her poking her arm out to pull in a bug from the windowsill outside. We had been wondering how the heck all those huge beetles found their way indoors! Though we immediately fixed the screen we are still finding dead bugs that Lucy must have brought inside and hidden until she felt like playing with them again. This latest bug was so weird that we couldn’t decide where to start researching. We looked at it with a flashlight and magnifying glass, just to be sure we were seeing right. The bug is dark colored, almost 1 1/2 inches long, has wings, legs that look like they jump, a funny long "nose," and a strange half-circle on its back that had teeth, like on a gear. I decided to try your web site which I visit a couple of times a month when I have time. I say "when I have time" because I usually wind up spending at least an hour looking at the new entries. WOW! Right there on the front page was a picture of Lucy’s bug, the Wheel Bug sent in by Carrie. This is way cool, I’ll have to tell my entire family because I’ve been describing this bug to them over the phone and asking if they’ve ever heard of such a thing. The half-circle of "teeth" on the back really had everyone going! Your web site is a wonderful place to spend time, both fun and educational. I tell people about it frequently, both in real life and in cyberspace. Thank you again! Take care!
Ralphine Laughman
Hanover, Pennsylvania

Hi Ralphine,
Thank you so much for the wonderful letter. Our own little feline rascal Mathilda also brings critters into the house. In addition to the Gray Bird Grasshoppers which are huge, we find an assortment of lizards, birds and rodents.

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  1. bugdude21 says:

    Careful, they bite!

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