differential grasshopper laying eggs, mating
Thanks for reading my email! I didn’t see any pictures of grasshoppers laying eggs on your website, so we were very excited to find the latest captive in my daughter’s bugcatcher laying eggs! I’m also including some grasshopper pictures from earlier in the summer, the extreme closeup was taken when they were mating on my camera strap! I was bending down in the bushes trying to get pictures of an orb weaver, stood up to find the hoppers coming with me!

Mating Differential Grasshoppers Differential Grasshopper Laying Eggs

I don’t know what the "fuzzy" grasshoppers are. We found them in an area near a pond with lots of milkweed and sunflowers. Their skin isn’t smooth like the other grasshoppers and actually appeared fuzzy. We live near St. Louis, MO.
Angie and her junior entomologist Miranda who is very sad that the bugs are going away for the winter….

Hi Angie and Miranda,
We are thrilled to get your Mating and Egg Laying Differential Grasshopper images. We will need additional time to get you a species on the fuzzy grasshoppers. We will try to enlist the help of Eric Eaton.

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