scarey african spider
We have just got back from Africa where in Kenya we just stopped ourselves from running in to this little beauty which had its web spun at head height across a foot path in the bush. Do you know what it is and is it poisonous? I know all spiders are poisonous but how poisonous is the question? Thanks

Hi Gary,
While we would need considerable time to research the species, we are relatively certain this is a Spiny Orb Weaver in the genus Gasteracantha. There are several species in North America, and they are not a threat to humans.

Update: (06/08/2007)
About the African Spiny Orb Weaver image from Kenya, sent in on 10/27/2006? I think it is the Horned Orb Weaver spider, Gasteracantha falcicornis. Take a look at: /buyers/stockphoto.asp?imageid =866122 Best,

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