king crickets
Hi guys,
I have been searching the web trying to find information on these guys other wise called wetas. I can find lots on the New Zealand version but we are in Brisbane QLD. I have two variations at the moment but we are not sure if their colour variation means that they are a sub species or just that their colour varies. The three I have are only on loan for a week, so I can photograph them. I would however like to know a little more about their habits, like how long they live? I have a couple of pics of only one variety that I shall attach to this email. If you can offer any info or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hi Sam,
We really don’t know much about Wetas, also called Saddleback Bush Crickets. They are not true crickets, and are in the same family as the Jerusalem Cricket or Potato Bug found in the arid regions of the American Southwest. Try searching our Potato Bug page for old links to Weta information.

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