Some type of sphinx moth caterpillar?
Ridgecrest, CA (Mojave Desert), found exactly as pictured, today, in graveled area next to house. It doesn’t fit the White-Lined Sphinx Moth, which I know we have in the area. About 3.5 in long, 0.5 in diameter. I perused a couple of pages on your site and did not find any match, especially that central eye-like marking. Thanks,

Hi Jean,
This is an Achemon Sphinx Caterpillar, Eumorpha achemon. The caterpillars feed on grape leaves, Virginia creeper and other vines.

Ed. Note:
August 30, 2009
While subclassifying our caterpillar archive, we realize we did not link to Bill Oehlke’s page on the Achemon Sphinx, nor mention the unusual coloration of this specimen.  This species usually has a brown, orange or green caterpillar, and this pink specimen is a bit unusual.

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