Blue insect with red butt
Any idea what this is? I live at Harbor Island near Beaufort SC. It frequents my garden. Seen here on a yellow butterfly bush. Thanks
John Albert

Hi John,
We have to wonder sometimes, just what peoples’ investments are in identifying the photos they send to us. Something led you to our site, be it a google search, or a link elsewhere. If it was a google search, some key words you typed led you to a page that probably had a photo of the Polka Dot Wasp Moth. We have been running just such a photo on our homepage for almost two weeks. Since we cannot answer every letter sent to us, many easy idenfications go unanswered because people can’t be bothered to follow through on their research. We are also horrified at the number of parents who write to us expecting us to do their children’s science reports. It is bad enough when the student makes the request, but the parent’s requests are unforgiveable. We welcome researchers using the material we have spent many many long hours compiling on the internet free of charge, but we cannot take time to do homework for others. Honestly John, we know this is not the case with your query. The Polka-Dot Wasp Moth is also known as the Oleander Moth. We took the time to answer your letter because the photo is quite lovely.

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