Mysterious Moths, part 2
Dear Bugman,
I’ve been a fan of entomology since I was a kid, but I have not had the time nor resources to keep up with it as an adult. I stumbled onto your site after hearing stories of the Cicada Killer Wasps on my friend’s property in Indiana and looked them up. On three different trips to Farwell, Michigan, I encountered three spectacular species of moth for the first time and still know nothing about them. This is the second of three unidentifiable moths I ran into in north-central Michigan. This small moth was maybe an inch in length and very dark. It was dark charcoal gray, dark brown, and light rust in color. It had a "mohawk-like" fuzzy crest on its dorsal side of the thorax. Its abdomen curled upward and overall this was the neatest insect I had ever seen. That is, until the next moth in this three-part series… Thanks,

Hi Anthony,
This is a Small-Eyed Sphinx, Paonias myops. Bill Oehlke’s website is an excellent source for information on Sphinx Moths.

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