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  1. Christina says:

    I recently moved to Orange County, CA from the midwest and your pictures and description of this beetle was perfect! A rather large one flew into my garage today, and I thought it was the largest bee alive by the way it was flying, until the sun caught it and I saw the green/iridescent coloring. My son was able to direct it out of the garage with a broom easily, as it awkwardly flew around. A small humming bird had been by the garage door as this beetle entered and their wing spans were almost equal at a glance. This was the largest scarab shaped beetle I have ever seen, but not knowing what exactly it was there was no way I was batting it down for a measurement!

    Thank you for a species name and more specific information so I know more about this native “bug” than I did before! =)


  2. Cat =^..^= says:

    I was told it was a Japanese Beetle decades ago. I’m glad to finally see what it REALLY is and what a Japanese Beetle is! Thanks so much!

    A few days ago some jerk said it was a Blue Tail Fly. It seems there’s not much info out there on Blue Tail Flies, and most images have photos of blue dragonflies. Wrong! All I could find on Blue Tail Flies was that they are a Horse Fly, but I can’t find any images. Anyone out there have a good photo of a Blue Tail Fly?

  3. Ray K says:

    They are actually swarming my fig tree. I won’t have any fruit left Glad to know they are harmless as I was afraid due to the number of them

    Looks like s Hitchcock movie here in Cottonwood AZ!

  4. Leslie says:

    It’s a different climate and a few large hilly separations between West Los Angeles and Pasadena, so I guess that’s the reason.
    Thanks for your reply.

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