Beetle found in East Mojave Desert 5/30/05
It was so hot that day, I thought nothing could be surviving .. and here is this beautiful beetle .. perfectly adapted! I’m getting heatstroke! Lovely, but frustrating. I looked through all the photos of beetles on your site .. closest I came was the 10-lined june bug .. but this is not that! Is it? Thanks in advance!

Hi Kathi,
We thought this might be a Darkling Beetle, and wrote to Eric Eaton. We are guessing, if the lable on the photo is correct, that this beetle was found near Cronese Lake. Eric wrote back: “It is actually a weevil in the family Curculionidae. Hesitate to give a genus, but reminds me a little of Ophryastes, which includes large, flightless, desert-inhabiting species, often pale in color.”

Yes .. actually in the East Mojave south of I15 and east of Baker .. probably 10 miles directly south of Cronese Dry Lake.

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