I found this little guy on a tree in my yard late August. I’ve never been fond of the creepy crawlies, but I can appreciate a beauty like him. I’ve just found your website, and become rather infatuated with it. It’s quite impressive! He was found in southern West Virginia, about two inches long, completely hairless (I thought this notable, as all other caterpillars I had ever seen had much hair). I took a quick picture and played around with it. I hope it’s not too difficult to identify. I was too bugged out to get much closer. I’ve lived in West Virginia my whole life, but have never seen this species (although I don’t go outside much when the bugs are out). Could you help me out, please? Thanks Much!

Hi Brandi,
This isn’t a caterpillar, but a Cimbex Sawfly Larva. The larva of this wasp relative is often mistaken for a caterpillar.

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