Large Milkweed Bugs

Possible to identify these beetles? Hello, these orange and black bugs were found on a plant near a lake in Pennsylvania. Can you identify them? Thank you. Dahlia Hi Dahlia, What a nice photo of the Large Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus.

Cecropia Moth

Moth? Butterfly? I think a moth. Dear Lisa & Daniel, I have sent these pix to several on-line sources, trying to find out if they’re fakes or not, but no one has bothered to reply to me. I have scoured every bug site I can find, to no avail. My sister & I both received … Read more

Immature Two Spotted Stink Bug feeds on Caterpillar

bug sucking juices out of larva? Hi again! I came across this bug who had caught a caterpillar on a tree in our yard here in the Ottawa, ON. area. He had his mouthpiece stuck into the side of the caterpillar’s head. I searched for bugs with piercing mouthpieces and the closest I could come … Read more