Rothschildia jacobaeae
My name is Vanesa I live in Buenos Aires. I found 2 days ago what I’ve been told is a Rothschildia jacobaeae female, I thought it was a common buttefly dying. It didn’t move. I took it to my appartment and put it in my balcony, the next day I found there was an other one just identical but smaller. Is it the male? I took both of them to a park five blocks away from my home and set them free yesterday and today I had the little one again in my balcony. 6th floor. What should I do? Is it dangerous? How do I know if it is a male or a female? Can you send me good information? Thank you so much Sincerely yours
Vanesa Mautner

Hi Vanessa,
Rothschildia jacobaeae is one of the Saturnid or Giant Silkmoths. It ranges from Brazil to Argentina. Adult females Saturnids have larger bodies and males have more feathery antennae. The female moth releases pheromones that the male senses with his antennae, allowing him to locate a female that is ready to mate. That is how the original male found the female on your balcony. When you removed the pair, the pheromones remained behind and attracted another male the next day. These moths and other members in the family do not feed as adults. They live to mate and die shortly afterwards. Thanks for sending your lovely photo to us.

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