I thought you might like this
I saw on your site that you were looking for a photo of an ‘orange dog’ and I believe this is it. I found these huge caterpillars in late June on my lemon tree in Arlington, Texas. Stretched along the branches, they were perfectly camouflaged as bird droppings. When disturbed, they display a red-orange star-shaped organ that smells like ‘caterpillars’. The scent is what clued me in to their presence. I smelled them while watering the little tree. These are very large, scary-looking caterpillars, and I wore gloves to pick them up; however, they didn’t harm anyone. We kept these in an aquarium on the back porch (with netting over the top) and I sacrificed a few more of my lemon leaves to allow them to reach maturity. We released six of the adults in early July. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph the adults.
P.S. Love your site.

Hi Char,
Your letter is quite wonderful. Since that request was made, we have received several wonderful images of Orange Dogs, but yours is the first submission of a Chrysalis, which excites us to no end. Swallowtail Chrysalids can be distinguished by the girdle of silk that keeps the pupa in an upright position.

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