Moth ID help?
I first want to say that I love your site! I’ve ID’ed many of my backyard insects with your photos and descriptions. However, I was unable to find this particular moth on your site. I caught several of these beautiful moths hanging out on my front porch in the early morning, when I left for school. This is the first time I’ve seen them, and was curious as to what they are, and if possible, what their caterpillar form looks like, so I can be on the look out for them. I have attached a photo, but it doesn’t show how big they are. I’d say roughly 6in across. Also, if it helps, I live in north Texas, around the DFW area. Thanks for any help you can give me!

Hi Kris,
This is a Polyphemus Moth and you would need to search our Saturnid or Giant Silkmoth pages to find photos of it. We also have caterpillar images on our numerous caterpillar pages.

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