Bug of interest
Found your web site while looking to identify the attached “bug”. My wife and I were on vacation Sept. 15th in the Blue Ridge Parkway and found this little fellow on the side of the car while parked at a picnic area located at about 3600 feet elevation. We photographed him/her, put him on a near by berry tree and moved on up the parkway. At another stop we found a second one stuck to the side of the car. We were traveling through an area of the parkway on which the trees hang directly over the roadway. Watched it for a while and after deciding that it wasn’t going to move on its own, we moved it to safer location and we moved on. Didn’t see anymore of these fellows at the lower elevations. Having looked over your web site, I thought you might like a copy of the “bug”. Thanks for being out there… our young people need to stay in touch with nature more.
Terry Willis

Hi Terry,
This is a Monkey Slug Caterpillar, and you are lucky you did not get stung as they have stinging spines. We often get reports that people encounter them when they drop onto their cars.

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