Hello. We live in Peachtree City, GA and have these bugs mostly on our sunflowers. They were mating when I took these photos the Sept. 13, 14, 2006. I think they are a kind of stink bug, but their legs have a flare in them that I don’t see in the other photos on your website. Do you know what these are? Thanks,
Mark Curtis

Hi Mark,
These are Big Legged Bugs or Leaf Footed Bugs in the family Coreidae, in the order of True Bugs, Hemiptera. Stink Bugs belong to the same order, but are in the family Pentatomidae. This species is Leptoglossus phyllopus, and it is considered a pest on ornamental and fruit crops where it sucks juices from plants and causes damage.

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  1. Diane Huff says:

    I know this is a reply to a very old post, but who knows, maybe I’ll get an answer to my question.
    Which is: Is the enzyme and/or bacteria that the Leaf Footed Bug injected into my Tomatoes and
    Bell Peppers harmful to humans?

    I threw out all my Tomatoes because these guys were “IN MASS” mating all over my fruit, ripe or not. I’ve still got quite a few beautifully colored Bell Peppers that I’m in the process of harvesting right now. They got on the peppers after the tomatoes were gone, but not nearly so many, and I was very diligent about keeping them off. But, you know you can’t be everywhere all the time.
    I sure would like to reap something out of a whole years work–from seed, but I don’t want to
    poison my family.
    Any advice would be appreciated. I don’t see a place to post imagines, but Thank You

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