Devils Coach Horse
Hi BugMan,
Fairly certain this is a Devil’s Coach Horse, although happy to be corrected. Spotted it scurrying along the side of the pavement outside our office near Glasgow, Scotland. It was definitely fierce and kept doing its scorpion pose and waving its jaws. I really struggled to get a photo from anywhere but the back because as I maneuvered round to get a photo from the front it kept turning to face its tail towards me! I read on the ‘net that they grow up to 28mm – however I am convinced this one was more (I am ashamed to admit I have come to this conclusion from using the pattern of stones in the photo to identify where it was taken and then measuring various distances) any info on maximum length? Great site! Cheers,
Robbie Gorman

Hi Robbie,
This is indeed a Devil’s Coach Horse, a type of Rove Beetle. This European native was introduced to Southern California in the 1930s and it has adapted quite nicely. We frequently find them in our garden where they eat snails. Hogue lists body length at 33mm.

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  1. says:

    i have come across them in scotstoun and yoker and they are quite scary in their body actions i have never seen them before .
    my girlfriend has also seen them in duke street train station and they will actually stand their ground and aproach you with their tail up . i couldnt get a picture of the one i seen but i will and the one i seen was atleast 30mm in length if not bigger it was sitting on a fifty pence peice and its tail was hanging over the coin by about 5 mm .

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