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Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you have the most helpful and organized site I have ever been on. I’ve spent a good 20 mins. looking at other websites attempting to find out what kind of spider I had next to my back door. After a few moments on your site I found her (or him), turns out she is a Orb Weaver, she is very interesting to watch. While on a field trip for biology I found a very unsual caterpiller and again, only a few moments and I found he was a White Marked Tussock Moth Caterpiller. I will be using your regularly since I am always finding interesting bugs. I am also sending a pic of the Orb Weaver munching on a large bumblebee. Enjoy, Thanks again!!!
~Caitlin of NJ

Hi Caitlin,
Thanks for your thoughtful letter. We do get our share of letters telling us how difficult our site is to navigate and offering us suggestions on how to make it better, so it is nice to hear you call it organized. Organization is really not our strong feature. Your Araneus Orb Weaver is a magnificent specimen.

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