Wondering what these are…
We snapped this picture in Wekiwa Springs State Park just north of Orlando, Florida today. I can’t find what they are through a Google search, so maybe you can help? Thanks!

Dear CJS,
We are starving and really need to cook some dinner, but we had this nagging desire to open just one more letter. Your letter was short and didn’t give us much of a clue, but when the image popped up, we gasped with delight. What an awesome image of mating Yellow Banded Wasp Moths, Syntomeida ipomoeae. The caterpillars of these beauties feed on the leaves of morning glories.

UPDATE: Syntomeida ipomoeae
July 4, 2010
We just found a yellow banded wasp moth in Alachua county and was doing a bit of research on it. We found it on butterfliesandmoths.org and more information on your site too. Thank you! We also located a pdf that states that citrus is another host for this neat moth. http://www.daff.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/24361/b_draft_citrus.pdf
Your page is 2006/09/14/yellow-banded-wasp-moth/ and I again want to thank you for your site – what a lot of time is put into this resource of yours. It has helped me often.
Edith Smith

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