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I must say I enjoy your site immensely, and love sitting with my son and looking at all the wonderful pictures. I thought you might enjoy this picture of monarch procreation. The evening I took it, I was most thrilled with the colors and the sky and the beautiful way the shot turned out. It was not until I got it home that I realized they were mating! (much to my disappointment and embarassment) I do not share this picture with everyone like I do my other shots, but I couldn’t bear to delete it because it is really beautiful. I do however really appreciate the way these two were modest enough to do their deed behind the cover of their marvelous wings! Have a lovely day,
Ruby K

Hi Ruby,
We are quite happy your reluctance to share your image ended once there was cyberspace between you and the viewer. Just so you know that you are not alone in your fascination with six legged procreation, your image is the 4th Bug Love shot we received today.

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