An addition for your "bug love" pages!
Hi there!!
I came across your site trying to identify a strange bug I found in my back yard, and I love it!!! Never did find out what the bug was, and didn’t think to take a picture til it was too late! The next day, while out at my brother in law’s house, I found these!! I immediately sent my husband for the camera, and told him I had to take a picture to send to you. They all laughed at me and called me a dork. 😛 So, here you go, a couple of grasshoppers, getting their hop on!! I’m not sure which kind they are, though. Cheers!

Hi Cindi,
There are many criteria we use when trying to select items to post. Rarity is always a plus, but what we are really attracted to is nice imagery. Rarely we get a wonderful letter. We really love your letter and the photo is also quite nice. These are mating Differential Grasshoppers, Melanoplus differentialis, a wide ranging species. Just ask those jaded folk who called you a dork if they were ever published, and then point them to our website where you entry will be archived on the Bug Love 4 page as well as the Grasshopper page. Have a great day.

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