New Orleans Love Bug
My name is Yvonne Nieves. I live in a suburb of New Orleans called Avondale. This area that I live in is a pretty swampy area as most of Louisiana is. My question to you is that the photos that I am sending to you are photos of what we call here Love Bugs. No one here knows where they come from, what is their purpose, why do they come twice a year, the Spring and in the Fall. We are pretty much getting over them right now. They usually last for 2 weeks, then they are completely gone and there will be no signs of them anylonger. They are present in the millions and they are probably the most aggravating insect that lives around here for just those 2 weeks every Spring and every Fall. The bugs are connected by their tails, most of them in pairs, and very few that are alone. One has a head or is it eyes bigger than the other as you can see in the photos. If you have any idea of what these bugs are, and their correct name, and why and where they come from, I would greatly appreciat the information, and so would thousands of other people. Sincerely,
Yvonne Nieves

Hi Yvonne,
These really are Lovebugs, the common name for several species of March Flies in the genus Plecia. Female Lovebugs have the small eyes and males have the large eyes. Why they exist is a philosophical question we would prefer not to tackle.

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  1. Love bugs are actually beneficial in that the larva eat organic materials in tall grassy areas that are prone to holding moisture. This is one reason they are so prevalent around highways because of the tall wet grassy medians.They do this for about 9 months and then come out to mate and die soon after. We have them in Florida as well.

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