big cicada
My name is Isaac. I have emailed you before. I think the last time I emailed you I sent you a picture of a stag beetle. Anyway here is a picture of a cicada I thought you might like to post on your site. It’s a beautiful and very large cicada. I usually find plenty of annual cicadas all summer long but I rarely find these really big ones. Well I hope you like the picture. God bless!

Hi Isaac,
We believe your Cicada is in the genus Cacama, as evidenced by images on BugGuide. We wish you had provided us with a location. American Southwest??? Thanks for sending it to us.

Hey. I’m really sorry I forgot to give you my location. I live in Northern Alabama.

Update: (10/29/2006)
Cicada Identification
Hi There,
I thought I’d ID two of the cicadas you have posted on your web site. You tentitively ID the below as Cacama genus but these are not found in Alabama. They are a more western species grey in color and Cacama are small with small heads. This one is actually Tibicen auletes. The dead giveaway is its rather large size and heavy pruinosity with brown pronotal collar. I also help to identify a lot of the Cicadas on Bugguide. Well, hope that helps.
Gerry Bunker
Massachusetts Cicadas

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