Black Western Horsefly – Male?
Hi Bugman,
I know you are really busy with all the letters you are receiving and hope you will be able to respond to my inquiry. My husband saw a huge black fly in our backyard about a week ago. We discussed what it could be. My guess was a horse fly, but both of us have only seen horse flies that are metallic green. Fortunately, I found either the same fly or his family member hanging out on our front porch and captured a couple of pictures. Is it a horse fly? I’m guessing a Black Western Horsefly…male perhaps. (Yes, I’m making my assumption off what I’ve learned from your site. Which by the way helped me identify a pestering group of P. Carolina Wasps.) Thanks for your assistance and keep up the good work! Your site is GREAT!
Valerie Kacmarcik
Found in Euless, TX (DFW Area) 9/11/06. Taken with Digital Zoom…sorry it isn’t better.

Hi Valerie,
Eliminate the word Western from your identification and you are absolutely correct. This is a male Black Horse Fly, Tabanus atratus. You can tell it is a male as its eyes meet in the center of the head. Only female horse flies suck blood. Males drink nectar.

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