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I’m pretty sure this is a Southern Dogface butterfly, which I didn’t find on your site. I don’t see the "eye" in the photo, and the coloration underneath I haven’t seen in any other photos on the web; although the site refers to an Autumn-Winter form of the butterfly that has magenta coloring underneath. Maybe this is the Autumn-Winter form? This was taken in Memphis, TN. Thanks again for keeping up such a great site.

Hi Again Tim,
It is contributors like you with your marvelous imagery that makes our site so special. We agree that this could be a Southern Dogface Butterfly, Zerene cesonia. We have located a site that states: “underside hindwing of wet season “summer” form is yellow; that of dry season “winter” form is mottled with black and pink.” This is a species that seems to exhibit much individual variation, and that could explain the absence of the dog’s eye.

Ed. Note: Mike Quinn writes “Not Southern Dogface, Sleepy Orange… Compare.”

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