Unicorn or morning glory prominent?
Attached is a photo of the caterpillar that was decimating my boyfriend’s rosebush in the beautiful North Georgia foothills. After finding your site we have tentatively identified it as either a unicorn prominent or a morning glory prominent, but the available online photos are not quite distinct enough to settle the debate (he says one, I say the other). Can you tell us which it is, and can you also tell us what it will turn into? Please feel free to use this photo on your site if you like. Best,
Ann and David

Hi Ann and David,
This is the second household debate we are being asked to settle this week. BugGuide has many excellent photos of the Morning Glory Prominent, Schizura ipomoeae, which we believe you have, as well as its close relative, the Unicorn Prominent. Additional support in the direction of the Morning Glory Prominent is that rose is listed as a food plant.

Checkered Fringe Prominent
ur wrong
Your morning glory is actually a Checkered Fringe Prominent. The same caterpillars are eating my roses but most are already in the prepupal stage.

Hi Cameron,
Are we now? BugGuide lists both common names, Checkered Fringe Prominent and Morning Glory Prominent as the same species, Schizura ipomoeae. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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