Goldenrod spider?
Hello Again….
I have one more photo I thought I’d seek your advice on. From what I’ve seen on your website, I’m pretty sure this is a crab spider. I saw mention of the name goldenrod spider. I’m not sure if these are all Interchangeable… Either way, this spider has made a nice little home for itself on one of my rose bushes. Hopefully it’s been eating some of the nasty caterpillars that have also decided to move in. I’m not big on killing bugs, but caterpillars decimated one of my rose bushes this summer. So before my other two bushes met the same fate, I started to pluck and squish any caterpillars I found eating my rose leaves. There were quite a few. Thanks for any help you can give me on identifying this spider.
Barrie, Ontario

Hi Yvonne,
We are going to use your letter to help in clarification. All biological species are named according to the Linnean binomial system or Binomen. In addition to the traditional kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species, there are subcategories like tribes, subfamilies, and subspecies. The scientific binomen is made up of the capitalized genus name followed by the lower case species name. All logic is thrown out the window with common names. Crab Spider is a common name that refers to the spiders in the family Thomisidae. Your spider is a Crab Spider, Misumena vatia, which is also commonly called the Goldenrod Spider or Flower Spider. Crab Spider is more generic, but is also correct.

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